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Tamarack Swim Club
(513) 748-1209
450 Spruceway dr
Springboro, OH
Aqua Doc Spas & Pools
(937) 746-4986
4169 State Route 122
Franklin, OH
Dunsinane Swim Club
(937) 433-7946
600 W Spring Valley Pike
Dayton, OH
Pool Pros
(937) 439-2002
62 Marco ln
Centerville, OH
Vip Pool Services
(937) 439-2002
40 Westpark Rd
Dayton, OH
Franklin City of
(937) 746-2944
150 E 6th St
Franklin, OH
Four Seasons Recreational Prod
(937) 435-3355
76 Marco ln
Dayton, OH
Clearwater Constructioll inc
(937) 433-4012
233 Lairwood dr
Dayton, OH
Pleasant Hill Swim Club
(937) 433-2232
360 Zengel Dr
Dayton, OH
Black Oak Swim Club Inc
(937) 433-4006
1570 Ambridge Rd
Dayton, OH

Solar Pool Heaters

Heating an average pool for the swimming season uses about the same amount of energy as most homes require per year. The costs go beyond just monthly heating bills when you consider greenhouse gas emissions involved. A solar pool heater pays for itself quickly.

Solar pool blankets (pool covers) are the cheapest way to reduce heat loss and save energy. You can also make your own solar pool heater, using a simple pump and some black PVC piping.


A solar pool heating system will cost between $2,000 and $4,000, depending on size, model specifications and options (e.g. automatic controls). Since you are saving energy, you may qualify for government financing incentives .


As with most solar power, the closer you are to the equator, the more energy you will get out of your system.

Almost anywhere in the world, a solar pool heater is a good investment.

No matter how much you think you know about solar, pool heating or electricity, we recommend that you choose a solar pool heating dealer.

Before you consult our directory, you might want to read some advice on choosing a pool suppliers .

System size and logistics

Typically, your solar collector should be at least half the square footage of your pool surface area. Have your collectors facing the sun. If you live in a more northern area, you will have one setting for your summer swimming fun. Those who live in warmer climes will need to adjust their solar panels with the seasonally moving su...

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Solar Pool Heaters: Choosing a Supplier

Here's the lowdown on energy waste slowdown:

  • Pick a solar pool heating supplier with lots of experience.
  • Choose local - someone who knows about your local climate.
  • Guarantee. How long is the guarantee? What do they guarantee?
  • Ask them about professional credentials. You have to remember that competent installers with lots of experience might not have taken the time to bother with this.
  • Get lots of information - catalogues, brochures and more. Later, at your leisure, you can learn about aspects of your solar pool heater, as issues come up.
Information that saves money is power indeed.

Some important questions to ask your solar pool heating dealer:

  • How many years of installing and service experience do you have?
  • How long have you been in the solar pool heating business?
  • How many solar pool heater design options can you give me?
  • How well will you listen to questions I have about solar pool heating?
  • How well will you listen to my concerns about money, safety and other issues?
  • How much do you know about zoning and electrical requirements and codes?
  • Can you tell me much about government incentives and how to get them?
  • How big and/or informative is your company web site? Does it have information about solar pool heating systems that I can follow?
  • Can you supply me with a list of references?
  • What after-installation service do you offer?
  • Can you give me recently updated manuals concerning your solar pool heaters?
  • Do you ...

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Solar Pool Heating Benefits

In many areas, especially where there is limited sun, solar pool heating is one of the most practical applications of solar energy. People around the world are catching onto this-even in Canada, solar pool heaters make up more than 10% of the pool heating market.

No matter what, your solar pool heater will save on your pool heating costs. In warmer areas, especially, it is inadvisable to heat with gas. Over a 15 year period, you could spend five times as much on heating with gas as you would with a solar pool heater.

Even if you 'hybridize' your solar heater with gas, it will still save you money.

Here are some more solar pool heating benefits, adapted from a Canadian guide to solar pool heating. Just think of how much more beneficial solar will be in Texas or Florida!

Solar extends your swimming season

Whether or not you have an existing heater, you can keep your pool warmer and open longer with free energy from the sun.

In most areas of Canada [and the northern United States], a solar heater used in combination with a solar pool cover can add two to four weeks to the beginning and end of the swimming season. You get a longer swimming season for free.

Solar equipment is durable

Solar equipment often lasts longer than gas or electric heaters. With proper yearly maintenance, you can expect fuel heaters to last seven to 10 years. Most gas heaters have a two-year warranty, and well-made heat pumps carry a two-year warranty with five-year warranty on the compressors. Solar panels have a minimum 10-year warranty and generally last 15 to 20 years or longer.

Solar requires less maintenance

Unlike gas and electric heaters, which should be serviced by a technician every year, a solar heater requires very little servicing. Again, that means less cost and less hassle for the pool owner.

Solar energy is good for the environment

These days we hear a lot about the damaging effect that burning fossil fuels is having on the environment. Burning f...

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