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Maui Pacific Pools & Spas
(808) 871-6089
220 Lab st
Kahului, HI
Pool Pro
(808) 879-3294
300 Ohukai rd
Kihei, HI
Island Pool & Spa Supply
(808) 871-6671
380 Hoohana St.
Kahului, HI
Maui Pool Supplies
(808) 879-6081
1993 S. Kihei Road #6
Kihei, HI
Tri-R Products
(808) 487-6434
99 Iwaena st
Aiea, HI
Maui Waterscapes
(808) 877-0413
310 Alamaha st
Kahului, HI
Inter-Island Solar Supply
(808) 871-1030
400 Ala Makani
Kahului, HI
Maui Pool Supplies
(808) 879-6081
1993 S. Kihei Road #6
Kihei, HI
M-F 8-4; After Hours Appointment Available, Please Call

Swan Builders Intl
(808) 254-3024
345 Ilihau st
Kailua, HI
K & T Water Hauling
Hilo, HI

Solar Pool Blankets

A solar blanket or solar pool cover gives you free heat from the sun. They are somewhat similar to bubble wrap (only made with more durable material). You can buy this in big sheets that you cut yourself to fit your pool. These are definitely the most economical way to raise the temperature of your pool. A solar pool blanket can raise the temperature of your pool anywhere from 10 to 15 degrees F - for between $75 and $150.

Solar pool blankets might actually be thought of passive solar heating for your pool. They capture the heat of the sun in several different ways:

The tiny 'bubbles' magnify the sun.

Absorbent coloring increases solar heating. While it is most popular to get clear or blue pool covers, the best color in terms of heat absorption is black or silver. While black absorbs more sunlight, silver reflects heat back into the pool. Either color scheme has unique advantages.

Solar blankets insulate against heat loss. Heat losses due to nighttime cooling are the biggest cost booster in pool heating.

Solar pool blankets have other benefits as well:

  • They slow pool evaporation reducing your other pool maintenance costs.
  • They can keep some debris out of your pool.

Reely Neat Solar Power

The best way of dealing with your solar pool cover is to put it on a reel. A reel can be manual or electronic. You can get a reel on wheels that can be easily moved out of the way during swim times.

Like other kinds of solar pool heating, a solar pool bl...

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