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Local resource for solar photovoltaic systems in Scottsdale. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to solar powered homes, photovoltaic cells, photovoltaic systems, photovoltaic shingles, and residential photovoltaic systems, as well as advice and content on photovoltaic solar panel installation.

The Solar Store, LLC
(520) 322-5180
2833 North Country Club Road
Tucson, AZ
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Coleman Hines Inc
(480) 346-5800
8502 E Princess Dr
Scottsdale, AZ
Earth Savers
(520) 886-0262
Tucson, AZ
Rainbow Garden Bookshop
(520) 577-7406
3620 W Sahuaro Dv
Tucson, AZ
(520) 575-6279
2727 W Club Da
Tucson, AZ
Imperative Resources
(480) 315-1600
7950 E Acoma Dr
Scottsdale, AZ
J R Carter & Associates Llc
(480) 429-8822
10303 E Acoma Dr
Scottsdale, AZ
US Positioning Group Llc
(480) 988-1000
5865 S Sossaman Rd
Mesa, AZ
Your Energy Saving Solutions
(520) 577-7406
3620 W Sahuaro Dv
Tucson, AZ
Darco Sales & Engineering
(520) 749-8484
3132 N Longhorn Dr
Tucson, AZ
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PV Systems | Alternative Energy Sources

PV systems come in several flavors:

  • Grid Inter tied systems integrate solar electricity using the grid as a secondary power source.

  • Grid Inter tied with battery backup Add a battery to the system to collect excess solar energy for use when light is low. Also tied to the grid as a secondary power source.

  • Off Grid Photovoltaic Systems are not tied to the grid as a secondary power source.


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Solar Photovoltaic Systems

"Solar photovoltaic systems" refers to a wide variety of solar electricity systems. Solar photovoltaic systems use solar panels made of silicon to convert sunlight into electricity.

Solar photovoltaics are used in a number of ways, primarily to power homes that are inter-tied or interconnected with the grid.

Grid interconnection

In a grid-interconnected solar power system, your photovoltaic panel or array of panels is added onto a regular source of electricity (provided by your utility company). The use of solar energy can reduce your reliance on other forms of energy to any degree you choose, depending on how big a system you purchase. Learn more about grid inter-tied solar.

You may also want to know about the following:

  • tips on selecting a solar supplier or service company
  • state and federal incentives for renewable energy
  • ...

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