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Bean Plumbing & Electric
(918) 245-7555
206 N Washington Ave
Sand Springs , OK
Martins Service
(918) 865-4594
199 Evans Ave
Mannford , OK
Accu-Air LLC
(918) 230-0022
506 Rockwood Dr
Kiefer , OK
Guardian Service Company
(918) 627-6966
10012 E 46th Pl
Tulsa , OK
American Eagle Mechanical LLC
(918) 396-9601
40498 N 3944 Rd
Skiatook , OK
Harp Electric Company
(918) 445-1600
5009 W 62nd St
Tulsa , OK
Brians Heat & Air
(918) 834-0662
2708 E Apache
Tulsa , OK
Triad Service Company
(918) 622-6000
4248 S 76th E Ave Suite A
Tulsa , OK
Airco Service Inc
(918) 252-5666
11331 E 58th St
Tulsa , OK
Air Assurance Co
(918) 258-2665
1301 SW Expressway Dr
Broken Arrow , OK

Solar Cooling

It's a bit of a strange idea to think of using the sun to cool your home or business, but in fact, absorption cooling was the first type of air conditioning. Absorption cooling is still practical for remote homes in places where there is an excess of heat energy available. A home in the desert would be an ideal place to use absorption cooling via solar energy.

In absorption cooling, heat drives the system, instead of electricity. Two basic types of systems are:

  • single-stage systems, which are driven by any warm fluid (not necessarily water) heated to between 180 and 250 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • two-stage systems work at around 140 degrees Fahrenheit. These can use low temperature solar energy to "pre-heat" the air. A high-temperature energy source (e.g. natural gas or oil) is used in the second cooling stage.

Desiccant coolers are the other very popular style of solar cooling. Desiccant coolers remove moisture from air. This does not actually cool the air but reduces the humidity, making it seem cooler. These are often used in combination with other types of solar coolers such as vapor compression or evaporative, which really do lower temperature.

  • vapor compression cooling uses solar thermal energy to operate a Rankin cycle heat engine.
  • evaporative cooling uses a mechanical device that takes the heat from the outside air and uses this to evaporate water held in pads inside the cooling unit. This 'sucks' heat out of the air and the cooled air is blow...

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