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Local resource for renewable energy in Kansas City. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to alternative energy, solar power, wind power, geothermal heating and cooling, green energy and eco-friendly power, as well as advice and content on renewable resources.

Hertz Energy Services
(816) 221-7788
707 E. 16th Street
Kansas City, MO
M-F 7a-5p

RF Fisher Electric Company
(913) 384-1500
1707 W. 39th Ave.
Kansas City, KS
Missouri Gas Energy
(816) 756-5252
3420 Broadway
Kansas City, MO
Kansas City Power & Light Co
(816) 556-2200
1201 Walnut St Ste 2100
Kansas City, MO
ropolitan Energy Center
(816) 531-7283
3808 Paseo Blvd.
Kansas City, MO
Kansas City Board of Public Utilities
(913) 573-9000
540 Minnesota Ave.
Kansas City, KS
Syska Hennessy Group
(816) 448-3124
2300 Main St., Ste. 900
Kansas City, MO
Energy Services Providers
(816) 889-4900
115 Grand Blvd.
Kansas City, MO
Clayco Electric Company
(816) 221-0593
319 E 11th Ave
Kansas City, MO
The Energy Savings Store
(913) 221-6253
8201 Rosewood Dr.
Prairie Village, KS

Solar4Scholars: What Is Renewable Energy?

Renewable energy is becoming more popular. For example, the state of Iowa has over 600 wind turbines that help supply its power. California has the three largest wind farms in the world. Wisconsin, Minnesota and New Hampshire have large wind farms currently in use or in being planned. California has a plan for "a million solar roofs" by 2018.

Renewable and non-renewable

Renewable energy is energy that is easily replaced or supplied by a nearly infinite source, such as the sun or the wind. Some examples are solar, wind, hydro and geothermal. Many of these forms of usable energy will be available as long as we have the earth and the sun.

Non-renewable energy is any form of energy that cannot be recreated in a short amount of time. Non-renewable energy is energy that has a limited supply that will likely run out in your lifetime. Examples of non-renewable energies are coal, oil and gas.

We can make a rough but interesting generalization that renewable energies are harder to store than non-renewable energies. This is one reason why non-renewable energies are considered more useful. However, non-renewable energy is making headway in this area.

Energy conservation

Many people today are concerned about saving energy. Saving (conserving) energy is a practical way to keep our individual energy costs down and also the costs to our society.

Renewable energy comes in several different forms.

Solar energy is energy collected from the sun. You can read more about solar energy .
You can also encourage your family to use solar energy. Read about solar electricity .

Solar thermal makes use of solar energy to heat household water or swimming pools. You can read more about solar thermal .
You can also encourage your family to heat with solar. Read about solar thermal energy .

Wind energy is collected by wind turbines. You can read more about wind energy .
If you live in a windy area, you may want to encourage your mom or dad to have a look ...

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