Jumper Cables Lakeland FL

Local resource for jumper cables in Lakeland, FL. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to electrical cables, lower voltage electricity, road tractors, and full trailers, as well as advice and content on energy saving and battery cable.

Maaco Auto Body Shop and Collision Center
(863) 665-5644
2409 Us Highway 92 East
Lakeland, FL
Mon-Fri :8AM - 5:30PM
Sat:9AM - 12PM

(863) 858-0905
6925 Hwy 98 North
Lakeland, FL
(863) 425-7013
6609 North Church Ave
Mulberry, FL
(863) 533-6559
1000 US Hwy 17 N
Bartow, FL
(813) 783-9228
5350 Gall Blvd
Zephyrhills, FL
(863) 682-8904
1535 N Florida Ave
Lakeland, FL
(813) 759-2078
5202 Hwy 92 West
Plant City, FL
(863) 401-2795
1549 3rd St SW
Winter Haven, FL
(863) 291-0587
140 Ave "T" NW
Winter Haven, FL
(813) 684-8809
504 W. Dr. Mlkjr Blvd
Seffner, FL

Battery Cable: Energy Saving Tips

Jump start your car

For car owners everywhere, having a set of battery cables to jumpstart a dead battery is part of a car repair tool kit. If you've recently replaced the battery in your car, you're probably thinking that a reasonable amount of time should pass before your battery goes dead again. But what happens if you've only driven the car a few times and this occurs?

Most likely, the problem is something electrical within your car that is draining the battery without you being aware of it. Sometimes it's a wiring problem: either the alternator is not recharging the battery and needs to be replaced, or electricity is reaching the alternator but for some reason is not making its way to the battery. A broken ground wire on the back of the alternator or having a faulty battery cable could also be the source of the problem. Some vehicles have an alternator fuse which can also cause a problem and drain the battery. When you leave your car, check if your trunk or dome light is left on. It could also be the radio, or an electric seat motor that's draining your battery.

In any of these situations, having battery cables can assist you to get a jumpstart from another driver. The procedure of jumpstarting your battery is fairly simple: be sure that the cars are side by side but do not let them touch and connect the appropriate cables to the other driver's battery and to yours. Without a set of battery cables it is impossible to jumpstart your car's battery, so make s...

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